1.Before riding a cycle on roads see if you can;

  1. Ride in a straight line for 10 meters.
  2. Stop suddenly without falling.
  3. Give signals with one hand while riding.
  4. Look back over your shoulders and take a right turn comfortably.

2. Before you go out on the road with your bicycle, ensure that;

  1. The bicycle is easily noticeable.
  2. There should be a headlight and rear reflector.
  3. Reflectors are provided on spokes of wheels, on the pedals and on the front / rear mudguard.
  4. Both the brakes are working properly
  5. The bell rings properly.
  6. The seat is so adjusted that your feet can touch the ground.

3.While on the road with your bicycle

a. You should wear:

  1. A cycle helmet made of light thermocol.
  2. Appropriate clothes for cycling. Avoid clothes which may get tangled in the chain, or in a wheel.
  3. Light-coloured or fluorescent clothing which helps other road users to see you even in dark and poorly lit roads.
  4. Reflective clothing and/or accessories (belt, arm or ankle bands) in the dark.

b. You should also follow these rules:

  1. Never ride with just one hand on the handle bar except when giving a signal.
  2. Keep both feet on the pedals.
  3. Use the cycle lane, wherever provided.
  4. Never follow any vehicle closely. Maintain safe distance.
  5. Do not carry anything which may affect your balance or may get tangled up with your cycle wheels or chain.
  6. Avoid big and busy roads with fast moving traffic.
  7. Stop before you enter moving traffic from a driveway, a parking lot, a minor road, or from behind a parked car or bus. Go ahead only when the way is clear.
  8. Always Ride on the left of the road.
  9. Obey stop signs and traffic lights, like the rest of the traffic.
  10. Before turning right at a crossing, look back over your shoulder, and give way to the traffic coming from behind.
  11. Never ride your cycle on a footpath.
  12. Never try to overtake- if you must, do it only if the driver of the vehicle in your front has permitted or signaled you to overtake.
  13. Never try to overtake a vehicle, which is in the process of taking a turn.
  14. Always follow the light signals. Any violation of the same is not only against the law but also dangerous to your life.
  15. You should learn and understand the road sign and signal well.
  16. Never stop suddenly without showing a signal. Watchfully move towards the left while slowing down, but signal your intentions to the traffic following you.
  17. Under no circumstances should you ride on the wrong side of the road or cross the road abruptly.
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