1. Drive in the prescribed speed limits on the various roads. Always remember that “Speed thrills but kills”.
  2. Always put on helmets, seat belts and other safety equipments before driving a bicycle/ motor cycle/vehicle.  Always remember that “Safety saves”.
  3. Do not drink and drive.  Always remember that “You cannot hold a pen properly after two pegs, what about the driving wheel?”
  4. Never use mobile phones or ear phones while driving.  Always remember   “A mobile call on the road may be the last call of your life”.
  5. Know the traffic signs, signals, lights and traffic safety rules before you hit the road.  Always remember that “Road safety rules are best tools to avoid accidents”.
  6. Do not drive for long hours in a stretch.  Have a proper beaks after every 2 hours of continuous driving. Always remember that “Man is a man and not a machine”.       
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